You can do the shopping at your local stores or on the net. Dot com abounds in specialized sites. There are for sale many cheap tents, as well as tents with good quality but more expensive. In “the world of the www” are a lot of tempting offers with lower prices than in traditional stores.

online shopping vs traditional stores


Traditional Store

There are many outdoor stores in most cities, selling tents. In plus, there are plenty of accessories and other products. Prices vary depending on the city and the area. The advantage in this case is that the buyer can see the product before purchasing. In the rest of the page we will refer only to the virtual shopping.

Online store

The majority of tents traders have a presentation website, involving an order validation done by phone, and payment made on delivery. That’s right, there are exceptions. But in the virtual world there are many other variants of payment.


The shipping may be carried via courier or by post. If the dealer is found in the same town as the buyer, he can go at the headquarters to pick up the product. With the courier, the package arrives the next day and with a mail order, in 4-5 business days. In general, fees relating to shipping by post shall be borne by the seller.


Cash on delivery

This payment system supposedly a customer to add different products in the shopping cart. After that he must complete the following personal data: name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail address. The seller may contact him to confirm the order. In the end, after receiving the package, the client must to pay.

Electronic payment

In the virtual world there are many electronic payment methods that are secure for both buyer and seller. Besides, no one who is unauthorized has access to card details. Buying with a card on the internet is a secure payment method.

In what concerns the seller, he will definitely recive the money. So, none of the parties is not deceived. The customer has a slight advantage because it does not have to take money from the ATM, so to pay a commission. Electronic transactions have no commissions, no matter that the deal is done on a site in his country or abroad.

Companies that handle the payments are called generic: Internet payment service providers.

Direct payment by card

When a customer pays by credit card, he must complete the card details on the online web store or he will be redirected to specializing site in electronic payments. But in the first case, the trader uses the services of a third party, specializing in electronic payments. Buyer card will withdraw a corresponding amount. The client can determine how much money had been withdrawn from the account by analyzing a bank statement. To be able to pay by credit card, the merchant needs to dispose of such a service.


This payment method requires a preliminary stage. One who wishes to use the services must have a PayPal account verified by them. Creating an account mean owning an email address and a credit card. The customer completes his personal and card details on the PayPal site. Account verification is done by the withdrawal of an amount of less than EUR 2 by PayPal for who want to make an account. You can go to the bank and ask for an account statement to see the transaction. In the transaction details is a four-digit code, which you must complete on PayPal’s website. So the PayPal folks are sure that the one who uses the card is just the holder of it. After you complete your code, that amount will be returned.

From the buyer’s point of view, using the PayPal account is login to PayPal and the validation of the transaction. The buyer’s money is taken by PayPal and the seller will withdraw money from his PayPal account. At the moment, creating a PayPal account and its use by the buyer are free of charge. Companies that earn money through PayPal must pay a commission. In case that the buyer is changing his mind, the seller may give his money back.