Tent poles

There are several varieties for tent poles. The poles can be made of fiberglass, aluminum or Duralumin.

Fiberglass poles

Fiberglass poles have the advantage that they are very light. But the disadvantage is that they are not as durable as aluminum or Duralumin.

Large tents, larger than 5 people are, generally, with fiberglass poles because the costs of Duralumin poles would increase the price of the whole tent. But there are also models that use Duralumin.

Fiberglass poles must be avoided, since they have a lifespan much shorter than those of Duralumin. This kind of poles can also be found under the name Durawrap. The Durawrap poles are made of reinforced fiberglass.

Aluminum poles

Aluminum poles are extremely resistant, but are heavier than fiberglass ones. This material it`s no longer used nowadays, being replaced by those of Duralumin.

Duralumin poles

The Duralumin is more resistant than aluminum, so the thickness of poles is smaller to get the same resistance. In this way, the poles are lighter. Duralumin, like chemical composition, is enriched with magnesium, aluminum, copper, manganese, iron, silicon, etc. These give to the formed alloy a superior metal strength.

Duralumin poles are preferred to those made of fiberglass. Duralumin is more resistant, the tent will be strengthened and if a pole breaks, he can be repaired. You can buy kits for repairing the tent, which allow the repair of Duralumin poles. Even for casual camping, the Duralumin is recommended because it has a much longer life span than fiberglass.

Inconveniences: the Duralumin is a little harder than fiberglass and more expensive.

You can find the Duralumin poles under the name: 7000 Series Aluminum Featherlite DAC.