Tent Sizes


Short tents are generally used in the mountains because resist better against the wind. In a tall tent is more air and keeps a breathable atmosphere and is more enjoyable than shorter ones.

Many people like to get up on their feet, for example, when dressing up, so they need a tall tent. But you must keep in mind the places where you will go. A tall tent in the mountains can have stability problems due to strong wind.

Camping tents must be tall and spacious. These are generally placed quite away and it`s no need to have all the features required of a mountain tent.

Before purchasing you need to take into account the areas where you’ll go more often. You can buy 2 tents, one for mountain and one for occasional camping. The mountain one must be shorter and the other one must taller and spacious.

Base surface

The base surface must be large enough for people and luggage. If you have a car, you can leave your luggage in the car, but often this is not possible. The calculation of a person in addition to the space occupied by luggage can make the difference between staying loose and stay crowded.

Number of persons

The manufacturers are measuring the number of people, so everyone can sleep “shoulder near the shoulder”. The number of persons, provided by the manufacturer, is an important help in buying a product. But it is best to guide after the base size.