Tent weight

The weight depends on the size, the number of persons and materials used for the outer foil and poles type.

Nylon is lighter than polyester and fiberglass poles are lighter than the Duralumin poles.

Before purchasing, you need to take into consideration who will carry the tent and where you will go. A tent with 2 kg is easy. One of 4-4.5 kg it is quite difficult to transport.

There are tents with 2, 3 or 4 rooms and can be held more than 8 people. They can weigh more than 15 kg. Their transport to the camping is done by car. If you want to use them for hiking in the mountains you must know that is impossible due to the large weight.

It is extremely important to know its weight since before purchasing, to be able to predict if you’ll be able to carry the tent. Generally, a 4-person model is cheaper than 2 models of 2 people. You have to put in balance the advantage of a single tent, but cheaper and larger, with two smaller models, but, overall, more expensive.