What kind of family camping tent do you choose?

Camping tents - Published on Monday, September 1st, 2014 at 7:13 pm

My best advices to choose a family camping tent

The subject of family camping tents may be controversial, and not without a real motivation. After all, a buyer must put in balance the necessity for a product extremely bulky and heavy (2 or 3 bedrooms) with 2 or 3 smaller tents and more versatile. In the case of a model which weighs 15 kg, it`s transportation to the place of camping (whether at the mountain or seaside) is usually only by car. Using this kind tent for hiking is almost impossible. 2 or 3 smaller models are more easy to use in multiple occasions. You can go with a large group, and then you will take it all, or you can just go with your girlfriend/boyfriend and then you will get only one.

happy family campingAnother problem relates to stability. The large dimensions and little aerodynamic shape make the tent to be unstable. Because of the tall and wide hallway the tend also has a low wind resistance.

Furthermore, the length of poles compels manufacturers to avoid using duralumin poles, due to the high costs. Fiberglass or Durawrap are the materials used for the construction of the poles. However, some manufacturers use duralumin poles.

In terms of price, a family model of 9 persons can be cheaper than 3 tents for 3 individuals, with the diminished quality mentioned previously. The space of the room may be less than that of a 3-person tent. Thus, the family models are not recommended unless those who will use them wish to go by car to the campground location. However, for those who want to buy such a tent, we make a few recommendations.

The outer foil should be made of polyester, with a minimum water resistance of 3000 mm water column. The floor foil should also be made of polyester with at least 5000 mm waterproof. The duralumin or Durawrap poles, with a minimum of 3 knots (intersections) have to ensure both a high stability and a greater life span than fiberglass.

2 parents, 2 childrens and one family tentSubdivisions must provide the required number of rooms, not just the required number of occupiers. So, if you go along with 2 other families it should have three rooms, one for each family.

We also recommend bright colors. The setup instructions for your family tent must be known before start your vacation. These models can be mounted in a considerable amount of time, sometimes between 45-60 min. You must have the installation manual on hand when setting up your tent. Each manufacturer thought independently on how to assemble the components.


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