Instant Tents? Absolutely Not!

Camping tents - Published on Thursday, August 28th, 2014 at 7:18 pm

Instant tents? Absolutely not for me! Decide yourself!

Since I saw for the first time instant tents for sale, I tought that`s a clever idea, but also unusual. The owner of such a model didn`t give me too many details regarding features, so I started researching. After a thorough documentation, I decided to put these models under the “absolutely not” section. In the following we will go through several arguments in support of that statement above.

My arguments?

In the first place, the manufacturer measure the impermeability after his own formula, meaning the gallons of water per hour/mXm. Impermeability is measured by all the other producers after the height of a column of water that a material can endure. For this fact, that he uses its own tests, creates some doubts. On some sites, I found that some of these tents have an outer foil with a waterproof 40 mm water column. Extremely low!

Secondly, these models use only fiberglass poles. These have a little shape aerodynamic, which gives them a low stability in wind. The knots (intersection points of poles) are missing, and the thickness is very small, we are talking about 7,5 mm.

These products belong to the category: low price/low quality. The impermeability of the outer foil, floor foil and poles are elements which determine model`s quality. Unlike the milk powder, where instant milk is the best, the tents did not respect the same rule.

Indeed, the target of the producer are lazy buyers. Those who don’t want to waste 5-10 minutes to set up their tens. It`s about few days camping, not just a few minutes. It`s the same thing if you are spending 2-3 seconds or a few minutes for set up your tent. For saving these minutes, it doesn’t worth to convince you to buy a product with suspicious characteristics.

These products are of poor quality, and are not recommendable for those who want to have a carefree holidays

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