Camping tent – short guide to buy a quality camping tent

Camping tents - Published on Saturday, August 30th, 2014 at 1:36 pm

How do we pick the right camping tent for us?

Most tourists want to buy a model that will allow them to stay from a couple of days up to a few weeks a year in a camping. The camping tent is used in special camping places and they don`t need to have the necessary constraints to those who must face harsh conditions during the year. People who go camping need space. They need to feel the comfort and safety of your own hotel room, in the middle of nature.

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A regular model for such situations has a waterproof outer foil with minimum 3000 mm and floor foil about 4-5000 mm. In general, these models are made of polyester with polyurethane coating. Polyester is resistant in time, and has affordable price. We recommend the use of Duraluminpoles (8.5 or 9 mm) for a greater life span. The 2 or 3 poles must intersect in one or in 3 points for securing the tent during an unpredicted storm.

As with any model, the buyer must choose size. The number of persons is at the discretion of the buyer, but it is advisable to calculate an extra for luggage. The camping models that are higher than 130-140 cm should provide a reasonable comfort required for most tourists.

Like any versatile tent, it must have two entrances. Proper ventilation will cause the indoor air remain breathable and pleasant, even in the hot summer days. For families with small children, but not only them, we recommend the models which have insect nets that can be closed. Even in summer you can create air flow, in case you have some serious rain accompanied by wind.

camping with familyThose who want to buy a tent for the first time will meet plenty of “experts” in tents, generous with information about characteristics of the tents. This site wants to be a perfect guide for all of you who want to purchase a quality product.

The website is intended to be objective, presenting the advantages and disadvantages of the various technologies used. The argument “X” is a good company, has no relevance. What defines a quality product are its characteristics.

The brand can be an additional argument, a confirmation of what the manufacturer said on the packaging is conform with reality. There are things you don’t have to give up no matter the arguments of “specialists” are, such as: the outer foil waterproof (minimum 3000 mm), the floor foil waterproof (minimum 5000 mm), Duralumin poles, 2 entrances.

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