Tent set up

The tent coating, the outer foil and the poles must be installed to be able to pitch a tent. There are many systems but the best, and that is found in most good products, do not involve connections with a rope that must be tied. Most often, are used some clips. This system offers greater stability.

The setting up process does not differ very much from one model to another, but each manufacturer has thought of some combination ways but are slightly different from the other.

The models with poles that can be assembled through the exterior of outer foil offers a greater stability during a storm, than those who use poles that can be assembled on the inside.

The assembly operations are similar to most models, although many have their particularities:

  1. If you have a protective foil for base, it must be stretched exactly on the place of camping.
  2. The tent coating must be placed above the protective foil. If you don’t have such a protective foil, just put it on the place where you want to sit.
  3. The poles must extend and attaching of the tent coating, for models with poles through the inside of outer foil. These attach in metallic rings on the ends in the corners of the base, and then with clips on the coating tent.
  4. The outer foil is placed over the tent coating, being fixed on the end with clips.
  5. In case of models with a third pole on top of the tent, it shall be placed on top of the others; this is the closest to the outer foil and fits on the ends, above entries.
  6. The outer foil is stretched with the help of nails.

For instant tents with a quick set up, these steps are not applicable. You can read the article about Instant Tents.

There are big models, called family tents for 8 or more people who have cameras and the set up can take even an hour. Before buying this kind of tent you must know the required time for setting up your tent, in order to be able to finish before darkness fall. In general, family tents with 2-3 rooms for 6-9 persons can be assemble in about 45-60 minutes. Reading the manual is absolutely necessary. These operations are quite complex.

These models have, in general, fiberglass poles, though there are exceptions that use poles of Duralumin. Their size and shape gives them a low stability. In place of such products may purchase two or three tents for 3-4 persons, more easy to assemble, with greater stability and being much more versatile. Read the article about Family Tents.